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French "three-strikes" anti-piracy law may be repealed

Hadopi, France's "three-strikes" anti-piracy law, could be in for sweeping changes or even discarded as officials once again ponder the controversial measure. According to the New York Times, France's administration is exploring the closure of the agency tasked with enforcing the…

Belgian group to sue Apple over misleading warranty information

A Belgian consumer group has decided to take court action against Apple over its allegedly 'misleading' and 'illegal' AppleCare warranty policies. The group, Test-Aankoop/Test-Achats, claims that even though under European law consumers are entitled to a free two-year warranty with…

Google gains legal right to use Gmail brand in Germany

Google happily announced on its blog today that will now become in Germany. This marks the first time in several years that will be the default option for German users. Google had switched to following a…

In Paris: A few things I learned about video games

I went to Paris last weekend, which is an extravagant thing to do if you live in New York and should probably be making shorter weekend commutes. But I had a rare chance to go and so off I went. I wasn't supposed to be working, but I can't shut off the video-game-reporter part of my brain. While on vacation I did a little work. For your benefit!