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Graphics Card Overclocking: The myth put to the test

Graphics Card Overclocking: The myth put to the test

You go out to buy a new graphics card, set a budget, and it'd seem that for another $30-60 you can always go with the next step up that performs a little better. Or, you could save those extra dollars, go for the budget model and overclock it and basically match the next step up's performance.

With that in mind, we have hand-picked three graphics cards that represent select price ranges to see just how much extra value can be obtained through overclocking. For the $100+ range we have the Radeon HD 6750, the GeForce GTX 560 Ti has been used to represent the $200+ market. Then at the top of the food chain we have the Radeon HD 6970 going for $300 and up.

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 580 'Super Overclock' Reviewed

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 580 'Super Overclock' Reviewed

With most board partners scared to push the 244w GTX 580 far beyond its reference spec, we were surprised when Gigabyte announced its solution which treads on deeper water than the competition dares to.

The Gigabyte GTX 580 SOC operates at 855MHz or about double the overclock of Asus and Zotac's cards. For what appears to be a justifiable $35 premium over Nvidia's already steep $500 suggested retail price, they are adding a new PCB design and upgraded cooler.

Nvidia releases GeForce 275.33 WHQL drivers

Nvidia releases GeForce 275.33 WHQL drivers

Nvidia's first official GeForce 275 family drivers have been branded with Microsoft's seal of approval today. The WHQL-certified GeForce 275.33 release adds support for the newly released (non-Ti) GTX 560 and wields performance improvements, bug fixes, as well as new…
Triple Monitor Gaming: GeForce GTX 590 vs. Radeon HD 6990

Triple Monitor Gaming: GeForce GTX 590 vs. Radeon HD 6990

By utilizing three monitors games can become roughly 3x more demanding as the graphics card is required to render an overwhelmingly higher number of pixels. While we commonly test graphics cards at single monitor resolutions, today we are adding two more LCDs for effective resolutions of 5040x1050, 5760x1200 and 7680x1600.

In this article we will explore the kind of performance you can expect from the GeForce GTX 590 and Radeon HD 6990 graphics cards when playing several popular games using triple 22”, 24” or 30” monitor configurations.