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Finding the Best CPU Cooler: 10 units reviewed and tested

An often overlooked but always important side of PC building, we must admit our knowledge on the latest aftermarket CPU cooler offerings was a little dated, so it felt like the perfect time for a roundup.

We test 10 of the best CPU coolers in the market including top units from Noctua, Thermalright, Xigmatek, Silverstone and Thermaltake.

TechSpot Community: Cooling guides + Phanteks heatsink giveaway

As TechSpot grows, we're producing more content and adding new features, but we're also working on ways to improve the community. The recent forum upgrade will let us do some really cool stuff in the future. For now, we want to run a bi-weekly post on community happenings...

Sandia intros revolutionary heatsink with rotating fins

Although most of our staffers use aftermarket heatsinks, we rarely cover such devices. It's not because we don't find them useful, they're just boring. The heatsink market has been relatively unchanged for years: you have a static, thermally conductive block…