Iphone 5 articles

Updated YouTube app optimized for iPad & iPhone 5, now with AirPlay

YouTube’s app for iOS now allows users to stream videos wirelessly using Apple’s AirPlay technology. Version, more commonly referred to as the iPhone 5 and iPad update, includes a couple of other noteworthy features as well as a minor…

Apple iPhone 5 Review: Thinner, Lighter, Faster

The iPhone 5 has finally landed following months of rumors and speculation, with plenty of changes internally and aesthetically. Apple has almost completely redesigned the iPhone's exterior, and even gave it a bump in screen size for the first time, yet it still looks very much like the iconic handset everyone is familiar with.

The update addresses a number of concerns that critics have raised over the past year, but as with any high-profile Apple launch, new complaints have already surfaced. We'll investigate these and more as we put the iPhone 5 under the microscope.

Verizon confirms iPhone 5 ships GSM unlocked despite contract

After the supposed discovery of Verizon's iPhone 5 being GSM unlocked, confirmations of this fact have been echoing across the web. In fact, iDownloadBlog's Jeff Benjamin confirmed it himself. Meanwhile, Cnet coaxed an official confirmation from Verizon, stating their latest Apple handset…

Apple responds to customer backlash over new Maps app

Apple's decision to replace Google Maps with its own iOS 6 app has triggered a wave of criticism from iPhone owners. Thousands have complained of misplaced labels for businesses and landmarks as well as missing roads and, in some cases, entire towns. Perhaps even worse...