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French "three-strikes" anti-piracy law may be repealed

French "three-strikes" anti-piracy law may be repealed

Hadopi, France's "three-strikes" anti-piracy law, could be in for sweeping changes or even discarded as officials once again ponder the controversial measure. According to the New York Times, France's administration is exploring the closure of the agency tasked with enforcing the…
Hulu sued over 24-year old video privacy law

Hulu sued over 24-year old video privacy law

Due to a 1988 video rental privacy law, media streaming outfit Hulu has found itself in a jeopardous position. An anonymous group of individuals are suing Hulu for purported violations of privacy, a charge brought about by sharing users' video watching history…
Former MPAA CTO speaks out against laws like SOPA

Former MPAA CTO speaks out against laws like SOPA

Former Motion Picture Association’s Chief Technology Officer Paul Brigner has offered a level-headed rundown regarding the perils of using DNS as a means of Internet enforcement. Once controversial legislation, SOPA relied upon DNS-blocking techniques to essentially take down undesirable websites -- a…