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Weekend game deals: Portal 2 $5, Max Payne 3 $10, Dishonored $25

If you've missed the handful of other opportunities to snag Dishnored for about half off, here are two more: Amazon is offering the title for $30 and Greenman Gaming has it for $25. There's plenty to see elsewhere too, with Portal 2 set to $5 on Steam, FIFA 13 fetching $10 at Amazon...

Weekend game deals: 75% off Borderlands, 50% off Max Payne 3

With Borderlands 2 due in September, dealers working overtime to push the original, which is 75% off practically everywhere. Steam's offer is particularly sweet as the title is free to play through Sunday afternoon. Also of note, until July 30, you can get a Borderlands 2 four pack for...

Max Payne 3 Performance Tested, Benchmarked

If you've been a gamer for at least a decade, then you will recognize Max Payne as the PC third-person shooter of the early 2000s. Notable for its film noir style and use of the bullet time effect (The Matrix), Max Payne's character went on to surpass anyone's expectations with several console ports, a sequel, and a feature film adaptation in 2008.

It's been hinted that Max Payne 3 will make the most of current high-end PCs, with DirectX 11 tessellation compatibility and advanced graphics options. With that in mind we test it with 25 graphics card configurations and a range of CPUs.