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Best Smartwatches of 2016: Best for Android, iPhone users, fitness-centric and luxury pick

Smartwatches are not a 'must-buy' for most people at current prices and with their current capabilities, but if you are set on getting one, there are a handful of things to consider such as compatibility and key features. Here are our picks in four distinct categories: best for iPhone users, best for Android users, best fitness-centric smartwatch and our luxury pick.

Wish List: 10 features Android Wear should have

I’ve been using Android Wear on a daily basis over the last month and found that I love receiving notifications directly on my wrist, or being able to quicly voice search stuff on the web. But beyond some basic app functionality, Google's smartwatch platform can't do that much. Here are 10 features that should be included in the next generation of Android Wear, most of which don’t even require hardware updates.

Neowin: Motorola Moto 360 review

The Moto 360 is by far the classiest wearable out right now. Although looks are always a matter of opinion, I think that this smart watch generates a certain intrigue by the wearer when viewed by onlookers. The Moto 360 is stylish,…

Moto 360 teardown reveals old OMAP 3 SoC, small battery inside

The folks over at iFixit have performed one of their usual teardowns on the Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch, revealing a whole slew of components. Nothing about the device's construction should come as a huge surprise: everything is compact and layered,…

Android Wear 2.0 could land as early as next month

It seems like just yesterday when Google announced Android Wear, the modified version of Android designed specifically for smartwatches and the like. In reality, it's been nearly six months and counting. Now we’re hearing rumors that version 2.0 of Android…

Moto 360 specs and price leaked by Best Buy

Electronics retailer Best Buy on Sunday put up a listing for Motorola's upcoming Moto 360 smart watch on their website, revealing its price as well as features and specs. The page was pulled shortly after the word got out.