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The New 3DS XL is nice, but not a must-have yet

For a couple of years we have deemed Nintendo's 3DS as an essential piece of gaming hardware. And for decades, new iterations of Nintendo hardware immediately rendered older units obsolete. Things are different this time around.

Nvidia Shield sales off to a great start, CEO says

It’s still too early to know for sure if Nvidia’s Shield portable gaming console will sink or swim but according to CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, it’s off to a great start. The outspoken chief admitted as much during a recent conference call to discuss...

Razer Edge Gaming Tablet Review: A full-blown PC trapped inside a tablet

Like many PC gamers, I've often wished a machine capable of putting the power of a gaming rig in a portable device. Gaming laptops are lovely and have their place, but that place is often on top of a desk. After a week with Razer's new Edge gaming tablet, I realize what I really wanted was to play Bioshock Infinite in the bathroom without burning my thighs. All hail Razer, deliverer of dreams.

Razer's only review guidelines before sending along a Razer Edge loaner was that I not tell them I used it in the bathroom. I am a review guideline freedom fighter, deep in the trenches, pants around my ankles, balancing a $1,499 gaming tablet on the side of the tub before redeploying to less secluded front. And why not? I don't have to stop playing until the batteries run out.

Tuesday tech deals: Used PS Vita $115, HDMI Android TV stick $36

For new customers only, CowBoom offers the used Sony PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi System, model no. PCH-1001, for $119.99. Coupon code "Cowboom5" cuts it to $114.99. With free shipping, that's $4 under a December deal of a used unit and the least expensive PS Vita we've seen...