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Scientists create Pac-Man level for organisms to do battle in

In an effort to see how single-celled organisms respond to being in life-or-death situations against multicellular organisms, scientists from University College Southeast Norway and the Institute of Micro and Nano System Technology created a tiny (it measures less than a…

Acer unveils UK-bound Predator G5910 gaming desktop

Acer has announced the upcoming launch of its Predator G5910 desktop. Designed for gamers and enthusiasts who are unwilling or unable to build their own rig from scratch, Predator desktops generally combine mainstream and performance components with an aggressive chassis.

Acer launches new Predator, AIO, compact desktops

With the holidays approaching, system builders are making every effort to get your attention. Acer is no exception, unveiling three desktops today, including a more affordable version of the Aspire Predator gaming rig we reviewed in August. Acer calls its…