Acer has announced the upcoming launch of its Predator G5910 desktop. Designed for gamers and enthusiasts who are unwilling or unable to build their own rig from scratch, Predator desktops generally combine mainstream and performance components with an aggressive chassis.

Although the Predator branding probably invokes nightmares of the abstract façade hood seen on the early G7 series (which doesn't even seem to be available through the company's US site anymore), recent G3 and G5 models have adopted a tamer, streamlined appearance.

Acer says the G5910's aesthetics evoke "power and performance." Key design elements include top-running grooves that serve as both eye candy and a cable routing system, and a claw-like mechanism over the optical drives that enhances the system's "combat-machine effect."

Internally, the G5910 will be offered with second-generation Intel Core processors, including the K-branded chips with enhanced overclocking functionality. Naturally, discrete graphics cards are on the menu, but we've only seen the Radeon HD 6800 and GeForce GTX 400 lines mentioned instead of a specific model. For whatever it's worth, the US Predator G5900 series comes with the last-gen Radeon HD 5850, so we'd hope to see something of equal power in the G5910.

You'll be able to select up to 16GB of RAM, while storage is tackled by up to four 2TB hard drives along with two front-accessible hot-swap bays – a feature typically reserved for pricey enthusiast cases. There's also an optional Blu-ray drive, a multi-card reader, USB ports (no specific mention of USB 3.0), and tons of pre-installed multimedia software courtesy of the "Acer Arcade Deluxe" suite. The Predator G5910 will launch this July in the UK for a starting price of £599 (~$965).