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Study highlights stereotypical language used on Facebook

Study highlights stereotypical language used on Facebook

A newly published study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania's Positive Psychology Center takes a look at the different words used by various demographics of Facebook users. Unsurprisingly and perhaps stereotypically, women talked the most about shopping and doing…
Twitter awarded patent for... Twitter

Twitter awarded patent for... Twitter

Twitter founders Jack Dorsey and Christopher "Biz" Stone have been awarded a patent which describes a platform agnostic, multi-point message broadcast system and methods. When all said and done, USPTO application 60951415 essentially describes the core of the Twitter's microblogging service…
Facebook glitch temporarily breaks the web

Facebook glitch temporarily breaks the web

Yesterday, an untold number of Internet surfers experienced a glitch which abruptly redirected them from the sanctuary of their favorite websites to a Facebook error page. Websites essentially taken down by this snafu included Hulu, Lifehacker, Washington Post, ESPN, CNN,…