Social network articles

Twitter added nine million new users in the first quarter

Twitter on Wednesday reported better-than-expected performance for the first quarter which sent shares soaring more than 10 percent. Twitter’s revenue in the first quarter reached $548 million, or $0.11 per share – well ahead of the $511.9 million and $0.01…

Twitter acquihires itself a new VP of Product

Twitter recently announced the acquisition of Yes Inc., a small startup from the Bay Area led by Keith Coleman who will now serve as Twitter’s VP of Product. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Facebook overestimated video view times by as much as 80 percent

Facebook has reportedly found itself in hot water with some of its advertisers. Sources familiar with the matter tell The Wall Street Journal that the social networking giant vastly overestimated the average length of time spent viewing a video ad…

Young people chime in on quitting social media

Social media has become the primary means of communication for billions of people around the globe, especially younger users. But is being connected and giving everyone a voice 24/7 really such a good thing? Does it improve our lives at all?