Spam articles

YouTube wants your help to moderate its site

Moderating comments on massive social networks like Twitter and YouTube may seem like a lost cause (and maybe it is), but some see it as a necessary evil. Given the sheer size of today’s top social destinations, effectively curbing bullies,…

AOL Mail service targeted by spammers

A number of AOL users claim their e-mail accounts have been hijacked and are being used to send spam. AOL is on the case although preliminary reports suggest some of the accounts are being spoofed, not hacked.

Facebook looks to clean up News Feed spam

Facebook announced yesterday that the company is planning to cleanup the News Feed by reducing stories that users report as spam, or dislike. The cleanup targets three categories of News Feed spam: Like-baiting posts, frequently circulated content, and spammy links.

FTC doles out $50,000 to winners of Robocall Challenge

The Federal Trade Commission recently wrapped up a contest designed to find an effective solution to combat robocalls – spammy automated phone calls that deliver a pre-recorded message to unlucky recipients. The annoying messages account for roughly 200,000 complaints each…