spam articles

AOL Mail service targeted by spammers

A number of AOL users claim their e-mail accounts have been hijacked and are being used to send spam. AOL is on the case although preliminary reports suggest some of the accounts are being spoofed, not hacked.

Facebook looks to clean up News Feed spam

Facebook announced yesterday that the company is planning to cleanup the News Feed by reducing stories that users report as spam, or dislike. The cleanup targets three categories of News Feed spam: Like-baiting posts, frequently circulated content, and spammy links.

FTC doles out $50,000 to winners of Robocall Challenge

The Federal Trade Commission recently wrapped up a contest designed to find an effective solution to combat robocalls – spammy automated phone calls that deliver a pre-recorded message to unlucky recipients. The annoying messages account for roughly 200,000 complaints each…

Two text message spammers fined $700,000 in the UK

It seems that no matter what medium people use for communication, spammers always find a way to make it a little less attractive. Junk mail, telemarketers, email spam and now even SMS spam have all likely been experienced by most…

Unknown number of Twitter accounts hijacked, passwords reset

Twitter has warned an unknown number of users that hackers have potentially compromised their accounts. Spam-like tweets seem to be originating from at least some affected users, including TechCrunch's own Twitter account. "Make $250 A Day From Home", one tweet…

World's third largest spam botnet 'Grum' taken down

Security researchers announced they’ve dismantled the world's third-largest botnet, known as Grum, which is believed to have been responsible for 18% of the world's spam. The shutdown was a joint effort between California security firm FireEye, the British-based Spamhaus Project…