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A portable Steam Machine is coming in 2016 for $299

In June last year, a company called Smach announced the SteamBoy, a portable game console designed to run PC games on Valve's SteamOS platform. Now, more than a year after its announcement, Smach has revealed that the Smach Zero (the…

Could bounty programs help curb buggy game launches?

In what can only be viewed as a brilliant marketing move to attract customers while simultaneously improving its product, the developers behind Steam Early Access title Ark: Survival Evolved have launched a bounty program for anyone that finds a bug…

Steam Summer Sale is coming: what you need to know

We don't know exactly when it will start, but can reliably estimate the deals you should wait for. One of Valve's two biggest sales is inbound soon — the Steam Summer Sale — and it's a major event for PC gamers, with discounts on hundreds of titles from a wide variety of publishers.

These are Steam's best selling PC games right now

Even though The Witcher 3 won't be out until tomorrow, pre-orders of the game are hitting Steam's top charts hard, taking the second and fifth spots in last week's top selling titles. The game has received plenty of press ahead…