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Google's proprietary AdID may replace third-party tracking cookies

The days of the traditional tracking cookie appear to be numbered as Google is reportedly planning to launch its own proprietary tracking technology called AdID. Such a move could have serious consequences on the $120 billion per year digital advertising…

Full update and round-up of Carrier IQ tracking software scandal

On Wednesday, news broke about a hidden application installed on most popular smartphone handsets that logs nearly everything the user does. Accompanying the news article was a 17-minute long video of developer Trevor Eckhart demonstrating how his HTC Evo 3D was tracking his key presses and even the content of his text messages.

Your cell phone signal won't be tracked at stores -- for now

The holidays have been spoiled for two malls that planned to electronically track customers. The Promenade Temecula in California and Short Pump Town Center in Virginia announced plans last week to implement "FootPath" technology, which uses shoppers' cell phone signals…