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TechSpot CES 2012 in Pictures: Part 1

The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show kicked off this week in Las Vegas and we've been hard at work bringing you the most prominent product launches and announcements through our daily news stream.

We've also been on the showfloor and attending several media events to get a sneak peak at some of the hottest tech gear heading to consumers this year. As it's become tradition, here's our own take on CES, in pictures...

New 'SATA Express' spec supports speeds up to 16Gb/s

New 'SATA Express' spec supports speeds up to 16Gb/s

The Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO) has announced the development (PDF) of a new standard that combines SATA software infrastructure with the PCI Express interface. Colloquially dubbed "SATA Express," the new technology will allow manufacturers to create devices that can tap into…

Out with USB dongles: HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse review

Having been TechSpot's primary PC peripherals reviewer for nearly three years, it's safe to say that I'm pretty well-versed when it comes to pointing devices. Most of the mice that have crawled across my desk have been higher-end models, both wired and wireless.

Two dozen mice later, today I'll be looking at something completely different than anything else I've used to date. HP's new Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse cuts the cord and eliminates the need for a USB dongle or Bluetooth radio. This small pointer connects to your notebook's wireless connection with a proclaimed 9-month battery life.

Kingston announces USB 3.0 SSD, HyperX Max 3.0

Kingston announces USB 3.0 SSD, HyperX Max 3.0

Portable SSDs continue to trickle onto the market today with the launch of Kingston's HyperX Max 3.0. Being a solid-state drive and all, the HyperX boasts some impressive speeds. In fact, Hexus says the HyperX is basically a Kingston SSDNow…

Apple blames Intel for no USB 3.0 support

An Apple fan recently e-mailed the company's CEO, Steve Jobs, asking about whether there'll be USB 3.0 (SuperSpeed) support in Macs soon. "We don't see USB 3 taking off at this time," Jobs reported wrote in a response e-mail, according…

LaCie launches small USB 3.0-powered drives

LaCie has announced two new external storage solutions aimed at delivering fast transfer speeds and ample capacity in a small package. The portable 2.5-inch LaCie Rikiki and the 3.5-inch LaCie Minimus for desktops are both encased in a sturdy brushed…