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The Best Router You Can Buy Today: Budget, mainstream and best overall

Routers may not be the most exciting piece of technology out there, but with the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, streaming boxes, and more, the need for a good wireless router in modern homes is undeniable. We've gone through dozens of expert reviews and long-term usage impressions from actual owners to bring you the best routers in three distinct price points.

Home gateways: extinction or evolution?

In the early days of “smart homes” or “connected homes” or the “smart living room” or whatever phrase you chose to describe the idea of a living space with more than just a simple internet connection for your PC, there…

Google reimagines the Wi-Fi router with OnHub

Google struck gold in the living room with its Chromecast dongle and sparked an entirely new product category in the process. The search giant is no doubt hoping for similar success with its latest creation, a revised approach to a…

Inflight Wi-Fi and the economics of demand

Internet access is becoming more and more popular with airlines but much of the time it is not nearly the convenience it purports to be. Depending on which airline you are flying, or even which flight you are on, your…