A Rocky Launch: Gamers Are Not Buying Nvidia's RTX 4080

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If you value the performance of a 4080 enough to pay $1,200 for it -- possibly because this may relate to your business -- aren't you pretty much guaranteed to be even more interested in the not only higher performing but also higher price/performance ratio 4090 for $1,600?

While I hope Nvidia will conclude $1,200 was too much for the 4080, I fear they'll rather conclude that $1,600 was too little for the 4090.


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Nvidia will drop the price of the 4080 by around 100$ right before releasing the 4080ti at 1300-1400$.

I'm also surprised to see the 6800XT selling at a price between the 3070 and 3070ti where I live. amazing value.


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If you value the performance of a 4080 enough to pay $1,200 for it -- possibly because this may relate to your business -- aren't you pretty much guaranteed to be even more interested in the not only higher performing but also higher price/performance ratio 4090 for $1,600?
This was Nvidia's mistake with the pricing of the 4080. At 4K, the RTX 4090 is 30% faster than the 4080, with an MSRP that's 34% higher. People who want absolute performance, top-the-field kind, are more likely to ignore 4%. Plus the RTX megamodels have always been $1k or higher:

2080 Ti - $999
Titan RTX - $2499
3090 - $1499
3090 Ti - $1699

So, at face value, the 4090 looks like a far better choice in terms of perf-per-$, than any of the older models. The 4080, on the other hand, is 51% faster than the 3080 but with a 72% higher MSRP. As good as the card is, that's a mighty hard sell.

Isn't it the 90/100 score card? Very strange that it is not selling anywhere.
Score has been updated - it's now 80/100.
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joseph mcfadden

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I really feel like this has a lot to do with the fact that both AMD and NVIDIA basically catered to the "mining" community for so long and that NO ONE could basically BUY one of their newer GPU cards for about ... what was it? 2 years after they were released because the prices were so far above MSRP and miners were buying all of them up. so now, when they release their new GPU, no one really NEEDS it because many gamers only recently grabbed one of the 30 series cards and are not ready to upgrade yet. there really are not any games out there that the 30 series cards can't do. no one really needs a 40 series card.

NVIDIA and AMD got what they deserved

Uncle Al

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Perhaps users are discovering that they can control the market and not the sellers. By holding back their hard earned $$ they can force these makers to start lowering prices, increasing quality, and knocking off all the BS and finally produce an affordable, high qualify, product ..... what a concept!!


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The RTX 4080's job is not to sell. It's to be an absolutely ridiculous, *****ic value product so you buy (overpriced) leftover 3000 series stock instead.


The 4080 is horrific value, but that's the point.

Jensen's last profit call with investors was very clear on this - the plan is to keep pricing high in order to sell off stock of the 30 series cards. There won't be any price reduction until they've cleared more inventory - which will probably be into January 2023.

For those hoping that AMD will be cheaper - the 7900XT and XTX are extremely likely to sell out immediately upon launch - and stock levels are also likely to be poor until January 2023 as well.


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This product makes little sense for 3 major reasons. Performance at any cost crowd do not want it because they'll pay scalper pricing. Price performance people don't want it because they're basically in the $500 and under category. The people who's budget this card was in is likely saturated with people who over paid during the GPU shortage and don't want to upgrade for awhile.

I just don't see where this card fits into the market.

I'm all for halo products as dumb as they may be, but this isn't a halo product. Let's see what the 7900xtx is like but I'm confident this shouldn't be more than $1000 from board partners with a $900 MSRP.

Keep in mind, I'm not defending AMD here, either. Never thought I'd see the day when $1000 GPUs were Affordable


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There are other complications at play. One is that the $1,000+ graphics card market tends to attract a certain type of buyer, one with disposable income that wants the best performance and isn't as concerned about value.
I'm going on 2nd hand info on this one Tim, but what I hear from younger members of my family, their friends do not have much disposable income, but they buy things like this with a credit card and pay over a long period of time.

Just my 02, but I now have my worthless information post for the week. :D


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They seem to be sold out online everywhere. Any informed buyer, unless money is not an issue, should not buy these. It's pretty obvious that Nvidia will at the very least drop a 4080 Ti which, even at $1400 would be a much better deal that the 4080 as it will be quite a bit more powerful. However, more likely is that the 4080 price will be dropped to $900 to compete better with the 7900 XTX and a 4080 Ti will be released at $1200. Even if you are Nvidia or nothing, you'd be a fool to drop $1200 on this card. Patience will more than likely pay off. Also, I think that people should not buy the card and should consider an AMD card to send a message to Nvidia.

James Ryan

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The economy is in shambles. People are broke. Inflation is at record levels, and this generation of woke liberal brats don't work. Sales of GPUs is down across the board and has been for years, for all brands.
Plus after the mad run on cards in the past people have probably updated for their 3-4 year cycle. I'm due for a 1070 update which will be a 7900xtx if the benchmarks and price point are good enough.


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Why does every place that I read, when they make the table of the Ampere cards and they don't list the MSRP for the 3080 12GB model?

When the card first launched there was no MSRP given from Nvidia. The cards came out during the height of the crypt card, hard to get mania and they were posted for $1200 on retailer sites/stores. They sold instantly at that price and then scalpers were asking $1800+ for them.

Once things calmed, the MSRP was supplied for us and it is $799. It bugs me that no one uses that MSRP on those tables.
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The RTX 4080's job is not to sell. It's to be an absolutely ridiculous, *****ic value product so you buy (overpriced) leftover 3000 series stock instead.

I think that is what was clearly intended. All that is on offer is last gen tech or ultra high end. However AMD alternatives are considerably cheaper across the board. There are no compelling Nvidia options outside the ultra high end 4090.

If 7900XT and XTX are well received in three weeks time, Nvidia simply must drop these prices and increase supplies. They've created incredible "bad will" with that segment, and 4080 is now a tainted product with all eyes on RDNA3.

I don't know what they're at, but they seem to have got themselves into a bind where they have precisely three weeks to get themselves into a market position. They might need to act sooner - don't be surprised to see 4080 price drops before third party 7900XTX performance stats are wet on the paper.


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You people complain about $1200 MSRP, in my country cheapest 4080 is $2000, VAT included.
No wonder nobody want's this card, pandemic and supply crysis is gone. People that wanted to upgrade already did buy at scalped prices. The ones left, like me will not spend the money asked for new cards.
I would not buy this even if it's below $700, not my budget for this component.
I will sure go with a used card, found some nice deals on RX6700 XT for about $300-350. Used but seller is giving also invoice and 1 year left warranty papers. Now this is what I call a good deal.
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