And Nine Red Hats Were Gifted To The Race Of Men....

By Phantasm66
Mar 25, 2003
  1. OK, what's the most sad case thing about me? A)That I can't escape making "Lord of The Rings" and "Star Wars" references to computing all the time, or B)That I am so unbelieveably excited about Red Hat 9.0 comming out in a few weeks!!!

    Well, its probably a bit of both. Anyway, I digress. Yes, indeed Red Hat Linux 9 is comming out very soon.

    "Red Hat Linux 9 ISOs will be available to paid subscribers starting March 31, 2003--a week before they will be available on, in stores, or on Red Hat FTP."

    This is a complete break with tradition, we we were expecting a Red Hat 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, etc before moving to 9. A move to a new major number tends to indicate some pretty big changes - more than just a new kernel, we would be thinking about perhaps a new gcc perhaps.

    I was initially quite unhappy about version 8.0 of Red Hat, so I am not sure what to expect with 9. But I will admit that 8.0 has grown on me in a way. Hopefully 9 will consolidate a lot of the changes they were playing with in 8. But then... who knows??

    More here.
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    I got this e-mail from red hat:

    We've recently made some changes to Red Hat Network based on survey
    data that we received from you. We found that two items of extreme
    interest to our users are early release of Red Hat Linux ISOs and
    improved technical support.

    Beginning March 31st, paid subscribers to Red Hat Network will have
    access to Red Hat Linux 9 ISOs - a full week before retail store and
    Red Hat FTP availability. Also, Red Hat Network subscribers will
    receive dedicated Red Hat Network Technical Support. For more
    information about the benefits of being a Red Hat Network Subscriber,
    go to:

    If you would like to purchase a Red Hat Network subscription, go to:

    Thanks again for using Red Hat Linux. We appreciate any and all
    feedback from our users and hope you continue to enjoy your
    complimentary account with Red Hat Network. If you would like to
    contact us regarding this e-mail, the services offered by Red Hat
    Network, or with feedback, please go to:

    Thank you again for using Red Hat Linux, and for your continued
    support of the Open Source community.

    --the Red Hat Network team
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    There's some talk on the internet that this is just some kind of marketting ploy, but to be honest a keen mind would have spotted that right away. There still remains the possibility that something top secret is going on, but its more likely that its just to sell more subsriptions to Red Hat Network.

    Still, I have none the less cleared away a 10GB partition on my spitfire machine (i.e. not the server), and am waiting to land Red Hat 9 on it.
  4. Phantasm66

    Phantasm66 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 5,734   +8

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