Azza board info??

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Nov 21, 2002
  1. I was working on a friend's machine and we ran into some problems. It seems that someone(pretty sure it was his brother) changed a bunch of settings and screwed things up. I need some info on this board so I can fix the settings, I also think it needs a BIOS update to correct some problems he was having before this happened(probably the reason his brother was mucking with the settings)

    The Board is an Azza KT3-AD (VIA VT8363A chipset) Award BIOS v2.0)

    I looked up Azza and found but the newest stuff I found there was AMD K6 and PIII boards.
  2. RustyZip

    RustyZip TechSpot Paladin Posts: 322

  3. RustyZip

    RustyZip TechSpot Paladin Posts: 322

    For some reason the link wont work if you click on it:(

    Just copy & paste...

    Ok buddy?
  4. StormBringer

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    Thanks Rusty, that's what we needed.

    I had found links to that site at the Azzaboards site, as well as on Google, but they were all dead. I didn't try copy and paste though. Its odd that it won't work if you click it.
  5. RustyZip

    RustyZip TechSpot Paladin Posts: 322

    Glad i could help...:)

    I think its Techspot's forum software: It won't recognize the "(1).pdf"

    If you look closely at it, the "(1).pdf" isn't underlined...:confused:
  6. StormBringer

    StormBringer TS Maniac Topic Starter Posts: 2,244

    Well, it didn't work when I clicked links to the site from google search either. I think it is something else that causes it not to work.
  7. SNGX1275

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    Rusty - you could make it underlined if when you make a post you click the "http://" button and enter the web address as the text to be displayed and the actual link.
    I think....
  8. rudicronje

    rudicronje TS Rookie

    need bios updat

    hi there

    im in desperate need for a bios update for my motherboard
    azza kt3-av
    the azza site seems to be dead
    i'll appreciate it if you can e-mail me the update


    Rudi Cronje

    Dyntek electronic services
  9. Nic

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    The site appears to have moved to over here ...


    KT3 Manual

    That link works. Seems like you need to use the "http://" button to add links properly.
  10. fotobob

    fotobob TS Rookie

    Need help with a AZZA KT3-AV Board layout

    Not sure if I should have taken on this challenge but offered to help a friend of mine out....

    Looks like our friends (or enemies) at AZZA aren't around anymore. I need a layout plan for this board if anyone out there has one...? Bios update also. puke:

    Thanks for your help in advance!
    Bob Burchess
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