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Aug 15, 2006
  1. I wonder if some nice soul can help me figuring out this error...
    I know excactly what causes this error, but not why...
    I have a hardware effect for guitar, that I connect to the PC with USB.
    Now, everything works fine, I can play for hours without any error, but when I'm finished playing and turn the damn thing off by it's power switch, the system restarts...
    So clearly it has to be an error that occurs when the device looses USB-connection with the PC, right...?
    But why?

    I really appreciate all the help I can get, cause this is driving me insane.

    I'll attach some minidumps of the latest crashes (I've tried swapping USB-port too)
  2. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    All your minidumps crash at lvusbsta.sys. This is the driver for your Logitech QuickCam.

    Are you plugging the guitar effect into the same usb port that you use for your webcam? if so, try using a different usb port.

    Is there as safely remove hardware icon in your system tray, when you have the guitar effect plugged in? If so, instead of just turning the effect off, click on the safely remove hardware ico and stop the process.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
  3. ztevie

    ztevie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Oh... That was a surprise... There must be some conflict between the Cam and the Guitar effect then I guess? The cam is plugged in, but has not been used for weeks, anad is a in a different USB-port. So I'm surprised since it always crashes when turning off effect...?
    My first thought was to try and close the effect by using "safely remove hardware..." but I can't find it in the list of attached devices. When I hit the on button of the effect it does sound when it's attached, but it doesn't appear in the list..
    Oh, well, thanks for your help, I'll try and disconnect the cam and see if the same error occurs again..
  4. ztevie

    ztevie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, I unplugged the USB from the cam, but nothing happened, I've still got the same problem...

    I'll attach these dumps too, maybe they point to a different source of error?

    Maybe I should try to reinstall the drivers for the cam.. I have already reinstalled the drivers for the guitar effect, to no use...

    Thanks for your help, howard, appreciate it!!
  5. ztevie

    ztevie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    And the dumps...
  6. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    I minidump crashes at lvusbsta.sys and one crashes at ntoskernel.exe.

    It could just be a driver conflict between you webcam and guitar effects drivers.

    Try uninstalling your webcam drivers temporarily and see if you still have the same problem.

    Also, check for anyupdated drivers/patches for the guitar effects.

    Regards Howard :)
  7. ztevie

    ztevie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok, so now I uninstalled webcam drivers...
    Still restart when shutting down guitar device...
    I have checked, i have the latest drivers for the effect. I even uninstalled the effect's drivers. and started it up (still haven't reinstalled webcam), but it stills crash..
    Seems like the guitar effect is causing this by itself? I'll attach the latest dumps, and hope something useful can be seen there...?
  8. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    All the minidumps crash at lvusbsta.sys.

    I agree it`s your guitar effect that`s causing your crashes, but why it is I`ve no idea.

    Regards Howard :)
  9. ztevie

    ztevie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    OK, I might have to live with this... It's not crashing randomly anyway, which is good I guess...
    I hope it will be better next time I reinstall windows, which should be within a month or two..

    Well, thanks for trying anyway, Howard!
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