Defragmenter not starting/system restore on its own

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Apr 22, 2011
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  1. Ok, so i got two issues to post:

    1) Disk defragmenter does not start up. I clicked on the shortcut many times and it does not open. I even tried solving the problem using the following advice ( but the computer could not find the registries.

    2) Computer system restores itself ON ITS OWN @ startup. This issue occurs every couple days, and it kind of annoying because it also uninstalls that i have installed during the period.
    I try to undo the restore, but it fails.

    I have tried repairing using my windows 7 disc. I press F8 @ startup so that it can boot from the CD. However, I do not get the repair option.

    So, please, if anybody can help, greatly appreciate it.

    I have attached a file from Hijack This for your observations.

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  2. LookinAround

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    I don't have any good answers to your problems but a couple comments

    1. You should update your System Specs in your profile or at least repeat your hardware spec (machine make/model/etc) in your posts for best support

    2. F8 gives you Windows "advance startup options" like Safe Mode. F8's not used to boot from CD. You either need to enter BIOS setup to change boot device order or your computer might have a Fn key that allows you to select boot order each time.

    In either case, carefully look at the boot screen when you first power on. The Fn key options for your BIOS setup and/or recovery options should be displayed there. Then doing a repair like you tried is probably a good idea
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  4. jalba

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  5. jalba

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    well I did have a malware issue that still lingers. A rootkit agent to be exact.

    Scanned it thru MalwareBytes, but it didn't go away. I'm attaching two files, showing two scans that I did today. As you can see, the rootkit agent is still there.

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  6. Mark56

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    You need to get rid of this rootkit, I would advise you go to the Malware forum on this site and start a new thread, there are dedicated experts there that will help get your PC completely clean.

    After that you should be able to run the Repair install and get the system back to full functionality.
  7. jalba

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    Ok, did it. Hopefully somebody'll reply soon.
  8. Bobbye

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    Member has started a thread in the Virus and Malware forum. Moderator, please close this thread.

    If the problems aren't related, I'll send him back over here after we get the system clean.

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