Differences between 8x and 4x AGP

By Heavy_lvletal_
Aug 28, 2004
  1. See
    I have a radeon 9200SE 64mb
    and im planning to upgrade to a radeon 9600 128mb 8x
    but some good friends tell me that if u have a 4x agp mobo
    the 9600 will suck bad
    is this true?
    if so, whats the difference between 8x and 4x agp?
    if there is any!
    thanx in advance
  2. abc

    abc TS Rookie Posts: 39

    There isn't really much of a difference between the 2. Your 9600 will just run at agp 4x insted of 8x. The performance difference, if any, will be very small. Maybe a couple of percent.
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