geforce 4 TI4200 memory error?

By mojobone
Aug 11, 2002
  1. Bought myself a soltek Geforce 4 TI4200 couple days ago. Installed the lastest nvidia detonator driver. When I go to my video display properties, it listed my card on board memory as 64meg instead of 128meg. But when i reboot my comp, there it listed my card as 128MEG. Anyone know the solution to this? And do i get any downgrade performace from this if it list 64meg in windows but 128meg in boot up.
  2. Didou

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    I used to have that a problem on my 3D Prophet DDR-DVI ( GeForce 256 DDR ). It was a 32mb card & sometimes at bootup it would report 16mb. I never had performance problems because of that though. On the GeForce FAQ, I remember them saying it was because of defect memory chips.

    Here's the advice they gave :

  3. mojobone

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    k found my problem. I have 2 512kb memory stick, after i took out 1 of them window ME finaly show the card on board memory at 128MEG. Does that mean my ram is defected? Or window ME don't support 1gig of memory? Or could it be powersupply problem?

    My spec is
    P4 1.6Ghz OCed to 2.3Ghz
    1GIG of ram but now 512meg
    Asus P4S533 mobo
    Soltek Geforce 4 TI200 video card
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