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Dec 29, 2005
  1. Once again the new guy posts.... To all the Gamer Comp Pros. What would be better off getting, Dual (2) NVIDIA Geforce 6800 XT 256MB 16X PCI EXPRESS VIDEO CARDs or (1) NVIDIA Geforce 7800 GTX 256MB 16X PCI Express Video Card. Porbubly a stupid question but what configuration would perform better. All answers will be greatly appreciated.
  2. swker98

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    i would get one 7800gtx and get another later for a great gamming setup, just buy the card from a recuable company and write down the exact moddel number for thecard because sli nees 2 od the exact cards
  3. Mtyson8

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    I would get the 7800 GTX too as well. See, any game now should be able to play on both cards, even one of each. Adding the second 6800 will increase power, but when they get outdated in a year, youll lose out on about $700.00. Not to say you'll run out of power by then, but to replace them you'll have to replace both. Getting ONE 7800 GTX means youll have enough power to last 2 years, and possibly you can buy another one in a year or 1.5 yrs, but by then the price of the 7800GTX will drop to about $250-$275 and then you can buy a second 7800 GTX. Without losing on power, because at this time, the two 6800s will be even more outdated.
    So, I guess, buying 2 6800s will cost you about $700.00. Buying one 7800 GT or GTX will cost about $550. In more than a year, adding another 7800 will cost 250, so $800.00 total for 2 7800 GTXs in over a year. If you go for the 6800s, $700 NOW, and in more than a year youll want to upgrade the 6800s, so itll cost even more.

    Probably right NOW the 2 6800s have more power than 1 7800 GTX.
  4. imanoob

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    Thanks alot everyone for the info its greatly appreciated :D
  5. AKirru

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    One GTX is faster than TWO!!!! 6800 Ultras. Check out link below:


    So the answer is obvious I should think :bounce:

    7800 GTX it is !! :slurp:
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