Managing History

By ravisunny2
Dec 4, 2006
  1. I sure hope this isn't already posted in some forum or the other, but I did spend half an hour searching the forums yesterday.

    Seems pretty trivial, but perhaps its worth posting.

    One problem I have faced using IE6 is that it sometimes shows too much History, and sometimes too little. By too little, I mean, it doesn't show the sites I haven't visited 'recently'.

    Here's a way to manage History.

    We can organize the sites of interest in a single or several Word files as hyperlinks. The sites can then be accessed by clicking on the hyperlink.
    I've doing this without facing any problems.

    That way my sites are always available to me, and grouped as I feel appropriate.

    Also, apparently, the accessed sites (from hyperlinks in a word file), don't register in the IE History, so no messy cleanups seem to be necessary.

    If this was already discussed/posted , or is too trivial, I apologize.

    Ravi Banthia
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