McDonald's cash register is the latest device to run Doom


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It seems that pretty much anything with a screen can be made to play the 1993 first-person shooter. As reported by Kotaku Australia, 19-year-old Ryan Edgar decided to find out if the fast-food chain’s cash register could run id Software’s famous title.

Edgar was able to obtain one of the old point-of-sale computers, which run Windows XP, from his local McDonald’s as the store was upgrading to newer models.

Getting Doom onto the machine was simply a matter of downloading ZDOOM and copying it onto a USB. Edgar than plugged it into the cash register and ran it through auto run. He was even able to play with a mouse and keyboard by using a USB splitter.

“I was able to run explorer.exe by doing CTRL ALT DEL to get to Task Manager, but there was some weird encryption on it,” said Edgar.

While getting Doom to play on a cash register is impressive, most POS machines do run on some version of Windows—McDonald’s uses their own point-of-sale software called PC POS that works with Windows XP Pro.

Some of the more complex devices that have run versions of Doom in the past include *deep breath*: John McAfee’s “unhackable” crypto wallet, Apple’s touch bar, a single keyboard key display, a Porsche 911, inkjet printers, a Commodore 64, ATMs, calculators, iPods, and even a virtual console within the game itself. The question now is, what’s next?

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Uncle Al

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If they extend that to those Kiosks it will at least make them useful! In our city people have refused to use them because of the initial difficulty but also the recognition that using them causes people to loose jobs and in working class neighborhoods that simply doesn't go over well; not well at all!


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For all we know (based on the tweet, which only contains images) it could be just a static screenshot if Doom displayed on the register. And even if Doom would really run on it, that wouldn't be much impressive either, and definitely not the accomplishment of this guy. Or did he do anything more than realize that he could launch doom.exe on the register?


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"While getting Doom to run on a cash register is impressive".
Its' a PC running XP Pro so not impressive at all... Getting it running on Photocopiers etc is clever, this less so!