Monitor doesn't come on when room is too warm

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May 2, 2012
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  1. This is an issue that I've been having with my computer since I built it 2 summers ago. Basically the monitor won't receive any signal when my room is warm, particularly during the summer months. This also means if I've been running my computer for a while and then shut it off, or even just restart it, it won't turn on again initially. This only happens when I turn my computer on. Once it's on, I don't have any issues. The only way I really know to fix this problem is to leave it off for a while and blast the air conditioning till I can restart it without any problems. Otherwise, I just have to leave my computer on all the time.

    My motherboard is an EVGA P55 series and my graphics card is an MSI N460GTX. Way back when this issue first happened, I tried using another graphics card and still had the same result, so I would assume the issue is not with the graphics card.

    Has anyone encountered this problem before or know what the underlying problem could be? Any help would be great and I can try to provide more information if needed.
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    Does the back of your monitor feel very hot, when you are having issues?

    I know they may get warm but they shouldn't get so hot you can't hold your hand on them.
  3. dkoch3

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    It does not... I've had this issue with multiple monitors and I've tried my monitor on a different computer and it seems to work fine.

    It seems like when my room is 80 degrees F, there is no signal on my monitor, but at 65 degrees it works fine. And I have no idea why this would be a problem.
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    Are you overclocking? This reminds me of a problem I've had with CPU's going bad or dying. Not saying the problem has to be related to overclocking. OCing just creates a lot of heat issues CPU issues. When ever the CPU is not working the entire system turns on but nothing happens. Does that sound like the symptoms you're having? Also, can I have more complete specs?

    If you could humor me, can you try down clocking your CPU for a few days? I think it might just naturally be unstable.
  5. fimbles

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