Pelican PL-7020 R/F adapter, GameCube

By plasma dragon00
Jan 10, 2010
  1. Heres the problem... I was vacuuming my room, and the vacuum pulled the R/F cable out of my Pelican PL-7020 R/F adapter for the GameCube... the wire still looks intact. I see a "clip", a metal arch that the cable insulation slips in to on the main board.. But, does anyone know where I solder the inner wire of the Coax cable to? I would try soldering it to that first.

    Chances of me finding help are slim, but, if anyone has information on what I need to do to fix it, I would be immensely grateful.

    If anyone needs pics of the board, I can easily provide those.

    Thank you,


    EDIT - just looked at it again for a quick minute, and there is actually a small solder point on the side of that clip (and the clip is also soldered on the bottom of the board). I am assuming that I should indeed solder the wire back to this clip. Will try that within this week, but if anyone else has further information, I would be quite thankful :D
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