Steve Wozniak thinks you should quit Facebook


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LOL, yeah, paying for it....that will keep it "private". NOT!

Actually it could, for a period. But the problem is the profit motive will always win out. I'm sure FB originally never set out to violate users privacy to the extent they do. But there were financial advantages to ignoring privacy concerns that for a profit driven enterprise just couldn't be ignored. Very few people intend to be evil when they start out. It's that the advantages of being evil far outweigh those of being good and....


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IMO, Woz has been a bit off for quite some time; however, paying for privacy demonstrates he is clueless. Those selling our data should pay us.

Think of it this way. A lot of sites and services have a premium service that you can pay for. So making enhanced privacy part of a premium package would make perfect sense. As for paying for your data? They already do, it's the "free" services that you enjoy that is the payment you receive.

Does that mean we undervalue our privacy? Yes and we have for a very long time. Privacy concerns aren't an new issue. It's just that companies have become so blatant about how they collect and use our data that people are finally waking up to the problem. The majority of people haven't and still don't understand the extent to which our privacy gets violated online.


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I never joined FB and I'm glad I didn't. I had a couple of buddies in the know and they filled me in on Zuckerburger a bit. At that point I knew that eventually this would happen. He is very low morals if he has any at all, so none of the current FB problems were a surprise to me.


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More clickbait. The people that make the biggest stink about Facebook are people that are not on it. I run several Facebook groups and don't have any problems. I wish the brain dead retards would just get off the internet and go back into your cave,

You run several groups and that's fine. It's your choice and the trade off between the service FB provides and your ability to control your data is one that you alone can choose to make. But here's the real problem, you really don't have any control, you give it up when you join. If you can live with that, go for it.

But many people didn't understand what they were giving up when they joined. And that's the main problem, we value our data and privacy way too cheaply. Possibly even you. For example I never joined FB because I understood the risks. OTOH I do use some Google services and again I know the risks I'm taking and can live with them (oh and I spoofed them a bit so they think I live in the UK, so it's all good).

But again this is a choice issue as much as it is a privacy issue. We simply aren't properly informed about what we give up when we use these "free" platforms, and I doubt we ever will be. It's not in their best interests. And our best interests? There's no column in the ledger book for that, we're a resource to be mined and nothing else in the eyes of virtually every corporation be it online or not.
The data is private. Nobody's looking at it. I agree that there could be an ad-free, paid option, but if you're getting ads I don't see the point of paying for them to not be targeted.


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I think that even if you ~did~ pay them extra for your data's protection, they would ~still~ collect everything and sell it without your name anyways.
My wife and I plan to dump facebook when she retires in a few years.
We're dumping our (so-called) smartphones too.


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Use MeWe & Protonmail.

That's about as good as it gets, short of posting a letter (hey! now there's an idea!).

Reminds me of a funny joke I read some years ago when MP3's were just becoming a "thing". Someone was puzzling over how to stop copying and sharing of recordings. The answer was this "new" idea which would make it impossible to easily & accurately copy from this source. It was called an LP. Lol.


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One problem with Facebook is the fact that most of the videos coming up in the center of the screen on login that are often news articles is blurred out and not able to be seen, something that has been happening for the past couple of months or so and is only getting worse. Not much sense of having anything of video nature come up in the middle of the monitor screen if you can not view it like you could always do up until a few months ago. Perhaps Zuckerburg is going to make us pay to view to resolve it to get back some of his billions he was just fined and agreed to pay. As a result, Facebook is no longer to my best interests. If you file a report about the problem, Facebook just closes the case without any report as to the problem being fixed. Way of just simply passing the buck. There is no way to talk to support either. You are at their mercy and personally I feel there is really no Facebook Support at all. Just a slime-wire robot closing the support cases as fast as they come in. Facebook support, you suck!