AOL Media Player Beta 6

Try AOL Media Player Beta 6.


Quick Facts

Windows XP
450 KB
More votes needed
Focus Testing

* On first launch, try using the new launch wizard.
* Add Media to the Library. Try dragging files, using the menus, etc.
* Create Audio and Video Playlists.
* Search for media.
* Remove media from the Library.
* Import a CD.
* Burn a CD.
* Print a CD.
* Sign on to Radio@ and/or Video@.

Don't forget to report any issues with AMP in the message boards or using the Bug Report button. Please note: for any crash issues with AMP, you will notice the Talkback feature has been enabled. It is important you enter the screen name you are using to test AMP as this will be used to determine further reporting data about your machine in the event of a crash bug in AMP.

What's New:

* Explicit labels are shown in the correct place
* For Portable Devices, tracks are listed in ascending order
* When the focus is set on "AOL Radio" in Search Pane and authenticated, tab button is not working.
* The "Switch To" drop-down's AOL Radio genres don't contain "&" symbols when compared to genres displayed in S Pane
* Unable to share via IM
* When a track from Recently Played is selected in Compact View and then shifted to Normal View ,the Recently Played tracks are not displayed in Search Pane
* Typo in the dialog that appears after selecting AOL Video's Full Screen button
* The Remove, Move Up, and Move Down buttons become enabled after selecting unset Presets within Edit Presets dialog
* Crashed while playing a track after a search
* Need Splash screen implemented for when AMP loads
* When pausing tracks in download manager, and then closing the download manager, user is not getting message to let them know it will not be complete
* Real install popup message popping every 2 secs making it hard for user to select to do something else
* 'Delete' button is higher than 'Cancel' button
* Help option is not working
* Unable to open URL via narrowband connection
* Resizing the Compact View window can cause problems with how the UI displays in the lower right corner of the window
* Right click on Genre name in Radio crashes AMP
* Focus in Music pane is not proper when a link related to AOL Radio is selected
* Unable to play audio url (mp3) via File -> Open URL in AMP
* Radio@AOL tab doesn't always reacquire Primary Selection when switched back to
* Clicking on last Radio@AOL genre doesn't bring up Radio@AOL tab
* Authentication fails
* AMP can't retrieve metadata for more than 138 WMA files
* AMP crashes if user drags the Genre name to the preset section
* The selected tab in S-Pane should be highlighted with white
* Welcome tab playlist navigation doesn't work
* "Welcome" tab option is showing blank page when a track in AOl Radio is playing
* Skipping a step in the Scan for new media does not always show Skipped on the Status screen
* "Video Full Screen" item in View menu is disabled even when the Video is playing
* First Time Launch Wizard's dialogs state "Options Menu" instead of "Tools Menu"
* Edit|Select All menu item is enabled for AOL Radio stations and AOL Video stations
* Problem with Authentication popup message overlaps box and Ok button
* Adding songs from windows explorer to playlist in s-pane, causing track to play and cut off whatever user was previously listening to
* Adding the same stream twice to a portable device, causes AMP to continuously add the same song over and over on the device, doesn't stop till user cancels it
* KN: When you are in Video@AOL and select a video to view the focus moves back to the top of categories once the selected video area is loaded from the server
* The dialog presented when Radio@AOL exceeds its max playing time is not readable by JAWS
* The Advertisement in the Details tab of the W-pane steals focus every time you change tabs in the S-pane
* Accessibility: When you are on the Welcome tab in the W-pane and tab once all you hear is "Edit" but have no idea what it is for
* Single mouse clicking a station during another station's playback does not bring the Welcome Pane's Details tab into focus
* Crash: AMP Crashes after clicking on yes to "Would you like to enter the CD Information now?"
* When computer goes offline (gets disconnected), tracks in Music Store should give dialog box when clicked on so user is aware they need to be get back online
* Frequently asked questions under Help Menu is always disabled and is not functional
* Time needs to be removed from the Sort menu of My Audio
* AMP needs to adjust to the new burning method
* Can not add to existing playlist when active in the S pane
* Keyboard Navigation: When you select Artist Album or Genre under My Audio none of the data from Playlists data seems to be populated
* The number of Radios stations listed are incorrect, stations duplicated in other genres are being counted more than once
* When the focus is on "AOL Radio"/"Aol Video" tab option , Details pane should be refereshed to "AOl Radio" home Page
* AMP crashes when trying to load AOL Radio stations during CD Copy
* Selecting Add Stream to Create CD from context menu, does nothing
* Track Link shared via IM, pops a browser window and then goes to AMP
* Links to assets sent via email, show html code in email to AOL users
* Accessibility: When you select a playlist to delete the Delete Playlist dialog that appears is not spoken, the only thing you hear is OK button
* When no CD is inserted into AMP, and user adds tracks to Create CD, then inserts CD the Copy to CD button doesn't enable
* CRASH: Burning a CD with a stream and a download crashes AMP
* Trying to play some videos from AOL Video, sitting at buffering and never loading