• Search for files and folders using a wide variety of criteria without the use of indexing files.
  • Use Viewers to view the content of graphic and movie files in lists.
  • Use the Info window to examine and modify file attributes not available in the Mac OS X Finder.
  • Use one of the many options for renaming groups of files or folders.
  • Find and repair broken aliases.
  • Use the QuickView™ menu to easily view the contents of standard folders.
  • File Buddy’s contextual menu plug-in adds commands to Finder contextual menus
  • File Buddy helps you clean your file system of files you no longer need.
  • Use Droplets to automate tasks you do frequently such as setting file attributes or finding duplicate files
  • Panther and Tiger compatible (requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later)

What's New:

  • Under certain circumstances it was possible to get into a loop on Intel-based Macs in which File Buddy reported admin mode was not enabled, but attempting to enable it would not succeed. Fixed.
  • The file renaming window would appear to have stopped before renaming all items even though they were all renamed. Fixed.
  • The file renaming window would not close after the renaming process completed under some circumstances. Fixed.
  • The file renaming window was not providing textual feedback during the process. This was the result of an issue which was not specific to the renaming window. Fixed.
  • Multiple lines of text pasted into the Find window’s name box would be interpreted as a single line of text when copied from some applications. Fixed.
  • Clicking the disclosure triangle of a closed folder in a List window would disclose the contents of the folder, but the triangle didn’t update to point down. Fixed.
  • The search to inventory languages was missing some language resources. Fixed.
  • As should be apparent, work toward the end of the beta period and a final release is now progressing at a good pace. Nevertheless, this release adds a warning when the beta expiration date is less than a week away so you don’t get caught by it unexpectedly.