Bluetooth Remote Control 4.01 for Mac OS X

Through the Bluetooth Specification, Human Interface Device (HID) Profile v1.0, a mobile phone can act as a HID device.

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When connected to a computer, the mobile phone acts like a combined keyboard and mouse. By assigning a combination of computer keyboard key presses to keys on the mobile phone keypad, the mobile phone can be used as a remote control device for computer applications.

The mobile phone keypad is configured for control of a computer application through a HID configuration file. This is a TAR file containing two other files: one XML file for the keypad key assignments and one image file containing the image to be shown on the phone screen. The image can, for example, display what functions are assigned to each key on the mobile phone keypad.

HID configuration files can be downloaded to the mobile phone using standard file transfer mechanisms. Users can modify configuration files using a computer. A few configuration files are pre-loaded in the mobile phone, for example, configurations that allow the user to navigate on a computer desktop or control presentations and media players.

Supported Sony Ericsson handsets:

- C702
- C902
- C905
- G502
- G705
- K320
- K510
- K530
- K550
- K600
- K610
- K618
- K630
- K660
- K700
- K750
- K770
- K790
- K800
- K810
- K850
- S700
- T700
- V640
- V800
- W300
- W550
- W580
- W595
- W600
- W610
- W660
- W700
- W705
- W710
- W760
- W800
- W810
- W830
- W850
- W880
- W890
- W900
- W902
- W910
- W980
- Z520
- Z525
- Z530
- Z550
- Z558
- Z610
- Z710
- Z750
- Z770
- Z780
- Z800

What's New:

- Added C510, C901, C903, T707, W508, W715 and W995.