BGEye will render system info as the desktop wallpaper.


Quick Facts

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The information is rendered as a variable array of elements, together with icons, onto a pre-defined background, before being saved as a bitmap and temporarily set as the wallpaper.

BGEye renders a new wallpaper every 60 seconds (or less).

BGEye optionally renders
User-defined Title Text.
Local Date and Time.
Current Suit Name.
Computer Uptime.
A 'Accumulator' (Days, Hours and Minutes).
CPU(s) (Model, Manufacturer etc).
CPU Clock Speed(s) (MHz).
Graphics Card (Model, Manufacturer etc).
Audio Card(s) (Model, Manufacturer etc).
Network Card(s) (Model, Manufacturer etc).
USB Device(s).
Processes (Total and maximum).
RAM (Total, load and maximum load (Load including Page File)).
Registry (Size and Size limit).
Local Disk Drives (Total space and load).
Remote (Networked) Disk Drives (Total space and load).

A BGEye 'Suit' (similar to a 'skin' or 'theme') controls the appearance of the rendered wallpaper. BGEye Suits are available for download from the internet.

Collections of suits can be created to restrict suit selection to a subset of all suits.

The current suit may be selected, or randomized on startup/reset/frame.

BGEye uses your 3D Graphics Card and DirectX 9.0c to render the wallpaper.

A editor is included with the download to help make suit creation simpler.

Stand-alone executable. No install required. Includes self-referencing link creation/deletion code.

What's New:

BGEye v3.0.4.3 ['2007 June 26 - 19:30:04:[0531]']

* Enhanced 'Compass' texture load function (will load from suit parent directory).