1st NTFS Recovery is a tool for retrieving information from damaged or lost disks. It is a well-known fact that the Recycle Bin restores deleted files, but there is a number of cases proving that the Recycle Bin is not always of use. In the following list you are proposed to get acquainted with some of them: Disk was marred; A disk volume was erroneously formatted; Windows cannot access a disk drive; Files or folders are not to be readable; A disk volume embodying data was marred by a system failure or a virus; Marred partition table corrupted MBR.

Unfortunately situation with accidental data detriment happens very often. Windows doesn't open disk or you do not find your documents or you can't use them. Exactly in such cases 1st NTFS Recovery can help you to save the situation. It is appropriate for XP and other Microsoft Operating Systems.

1st NTFS Recovery allows restoring data from corrupted NTFS volumes or restoring whole volumes that have been mistakenly formatted. The major profit of this product is that it is simple to use. The restoring process is automatic, so you don't have to possess any knowledge in disk restoring. 1st NTFS Recovery won't let further mars of your info in a way that it restores your files on the same disk volume. 1st NTFS Recovery examines a target drive and chooses the appropriate variant in each situation.

While scanning the drive data is not changed, it stays in the same position as before. Product restores original structure of files and folders. While carrying out the restoring of big partitions its search option supports looking through folders. When the drive scan is done, all recoverable folders and files can be saved with one click.

Hard and long time work on your valuable data won't be waste - 1st NTFS Recovery will save your info even if your disk is not accessible from windows or is marred, files or folders are not to be readable anymore. Try it now fo free.