It is an all new user experience with an elegant, tabbed look and feel.

New 'Quicknote' feature replaces the initial IM window to provide a snapshot of known contact information about that buddy and give users three choices: launching an IM session, launching an AOL Talk session or sending a mobile text message to a cellular user.

The tabbed messaging interface helps users easily transition from text to mobile instant messaging or AOL Talk, and will eventually enable users to launch video IM sessions, share files or images and invite Buddies to play games with one click.

A new 'IM Catcher' corrals all messages into a single interface to help users effectively screen and manage their IM sessions with an unlimited number of Buddies.

What's New:
- IM: Some smileys sent from AIM 5.9 are not displayed in Triton's IM History window
- Buddy List: Friendly names are not displayed on Buddy List
- IM: Font randomly reverts to Arial 10
- Notification: Active window loses focus when IM notification window appears
- Outgoing IMs from Triton are delayed for up to 20 seconds
- Significant improvement in performance
- Opening IM windows and the Sign On process should be much faster now
- Full window color now supported
- New sound setting that allows you to limit your buddy sound to the first message sent or received