The background is that after an uninstallation of several applications like media players, some invalid entries still may remain in Windows XP's autoplay sections. These are visible every time a CD or DVD is put into the drive and the autoplay selection dialog appears. Now with Autoplay Repair it is possible to remove these invalid entries and even create new or modify existing so called autoplay handlers quickly and easily. But this tool can also be used to remove unwanted entries or just to tidy up Windows XP's autoplay sections for a better overview. In addition to that Autoplay Repair has some other necessary features to offer.

Key Features

* Create, modify or delete (corrupted) Autoplay Handler entries from the Windows Registry quickly
* Have control of the main autorun sections in the Registry: add, edit or delete single entries
* Disable or enable Autoplay for each installed drive on your computer
* Create backups of Autoplay and Autorun sections to restore deleted or edited Registry entries if needed

What's new:

[+]: New feature
[*]: Enhancement, Improvement
[-]: Bugfix

V2.2.2 (October 8, 2007)
[*] The main window location is recognized on start up
[-] Modify Autoplay Handler dialog: A part of the application path may end up in the argument field