RunAlyzer is a brand-new autostart & configuration manager that allows you to view and edit all the spots where Windows looks for programs or services to start. It's a combination of a standard configuration manager and an advanced tool to locate and remove places where hijackers, spyware and other malware hide.


* Autostart entries - RunAlyzer shows a bunch of places applications use to get themself started upon Windows start. This is good for tweaking your system as well as finding spyware, viruses or other malware.
* Analysis - RunAlyzer comes with a database of known entries and can do an online lookup to get the newest classifications of entries from our servers. Simple colors - green for good, red for bad - will give you the quick overview needed. Our detectives will even classify any unknown entries you submit to us through an easy function integrated into the application.
* Log functions - Should you want to get help from another place, RunAlyzer can export log files as would be created by Spybot-S&D or HijackThis - formats that many experts all over the world prefer.
* Windows x64 compatibility - RunAlyzer works on the new 64 bit versions of Windows as well - and allows you to view and change both 32 bit backward compatbility and new 64 bit entries there.
* WinPE compatibility - thanks to the multi platform code we use inmany of our products, RunAlyzer also automatically detects Windowsinstallations on other attached harddisks or partitions, and allows youto manage those. This can be extremly useful if for example you want torepair a system while booting from a BartPE (bootable Windows PE) CD.


* To speed the start up, we added an option to make reading zone domainentries etc.. optional. While the program loads, it will display awindow letting you choose your desired action (e.g. "Save a log" willbe much faster that way). If you do not choose anything, the windowwill go away after everything has been read.
* Automatically loading registry hives of other installations is notavailable (missing priviliges) on Windows Vista unless you're anadministrator, so this will only be tried when you run it as an admin.
* Tested on Windows Vista; RunAlyzer now has the "Works with Windows Vista" logo.
* A few internal changes as well...
* On the process list, you can now hide handles and modules to get a better full overview.
* Handles not being available on XP Pro 64 are a system limitation currently (64 bit app would be needed).