Scan all the latest news, information and articles from thousands of web sites in one simple-to-read window. You will get the scoop in no time and go on to the next news item as if this was the way you always read the news.


· RSS Ready
· Many major news organizations, community web sites and personal weblogs offer headlines and article summaries in the form of news feeds using a technology called RSS. MiNews lets you take these news feeds and view them together in a simple, ad-free list, so you can quickly find all the articles that interest you from across the web
· MiNews Subscribes to RSS Feeds so that you can get the latest news, but does all the work collecting the news for you. MiNews is compatible with the RSS feeds on the Internet with support for RSS 0.9, RSS 1 and RSS 2. Atom is planned to be supported shortly.
· Feed of the Internet.
· The Internet has a vast and almost infinite amount of information, one of these sources are the so called news feeds. MiNews comes ready with a never ending hunger for just these kind of feeds.
· Drag-and-drop ease.
· MiNews comes with a few .rss files in the install package, just drag and drop the ones you want to add into the address field and click on add. It's as simple as that.
· Import files with ease.
· MiNews offers an at-a-glance import interface of OPML standard files for those who already have a list of News Feeds built up. During the import you will be presented with a list of Feeds found in the OPML file and you can select the ones you want to import. After importing, MiNews will offer the possibility to complete the News Feed with the favicon that belongs to the source of the news.
· Sleek and friendly user interface.
· Unlike many RSS-Readers, MiNews features a streamlined and smooth interface with a large viewing area, that let's you focus on the news rather than big bulky buttons. It also sports an integrated web-view so you will never again have to sort through multiple browser- windows to get back to the news you started out with.
· Focus, or see the bigger picture .
· With the simple, yet powerful view switch of "Hide others" / "Show all", you can limit the news list to a signle news channel. Click again and you can see them all.
· Start spreading the news...
· You can easily send a news snippet to your friends and family with the click of a button. MiNews accesses the system Address Book and lets you send links in a flash without ever leaving the news window you are in. A free form e-mail address field is also provided for the people yet not in your address book.
· In a very easy fashion, you will be sharing news like never before.
· Get your view of the news.
· MiNews lets you change the way news is presented in a snap. Simply click on any of the sorting buttons and the list of news changes instantly. It has a a group of controls for customizing of each article summary and controls for sorting and filtering displayed articles by Date, Title and Source.
· Safari know-how.*
· MiNews also keeps track of Safari's bookmarks and adds a folder for your favorite news pages, so that you can access them inside MiNews and Safari. You can at any time have MiNews re-scan your Safari bookmarks or history to find unexpected treasures hiding there.
· Feed your news hungry monster.
· MiNews let's you organize your news-feeds neatly. You can also turn selected feeds on and off as you please.
· Intelligent Feeds*.
· With smart-feeds, you no longer have to scan through all your news channels for a particular item. Enter the criteria you are looking for and what channels to monitor, then sit back and let MiNews do all the work.
· Aqua-Look and Feel
· Written in pure Cocoa, it feels like any iLife application.**
· Feedback comes built in.
· To help us make MiNews even better, we have included a easy-to-use feedback button. If you would find a problem or simply want to send us your feedback, you can do so if a matter of seconds without breaking a sweat.
· Always be up-do-date.
· Know that you always have the latest version of MiNews, with the build-in software update feature.

What's New:

· Minor bug fixes, and some corrections to menu items.