AutoMate is the latest generation of Network Automation's award-winning automation platform.

With the New AutoMate, the development team put a strong focus right where customers were asking: security, manageability and functionality.

Over 160 Available Actions

New actions in AutoMate enable automation of Terminals, more options for working with Windows controls, direct integration with Microsoft Excel, SNMP, native array support and more.

Improved Window Dissection™ Technology

AutoMate's ability to literally "see" inside of windows and controls has been dramatically improved. MDI (multiple document interfaces) applications are now supported, and the control selection interface has been streamlined. Support for "items" in ListViews and TreeViews was also added.

Secure FTP

AutoMate 6 natively supports SFTP and SSL FTP - the two standards for secure file transfers over the Internet.

Secure HTTP

AutoMate 6 natively supports HTTP Get and Post over SSL, also known as HTTPS. This functionality has useful applications for the automation of web services or other secure HTTP based systems.

Microsoft Excel Integration

Microsoft Excel is the application most commonly automated by our users. Now in AutoMate 6, the contents of cells in Excel can be set and retrieved directly, without the use of Send Keystrokes and/or the clipboard.

Excel spreadsheets can now also be easily converted into an AutoMate "dataset" structure for easier manipulation. These transactions can be run in "visible mode" or in the background without the application being visible.

Event Database

Quickly locate, sort and filter task success/fail information. No more digging through a single text file to find out what happened with your AutoMate tasks.


  • Real-time Messages Window
  • Native Terminal Emulation Support
  • SNMP (Enterprise version only)
    • SNMP is the Internet standard protocol developed to manage nodes (servers, workstations, routers, switches and hubs etc.) on an IP network.
    • Now AutoMate natively supports SNMP Get, SNMP Set, SNMP Walk and SNMP traps allowing complete automation of your network infrastructure. SNMP also enables integration of AutoMate with products such as Microsoft MOM and others.
  • System Backup and Restore
    • Allows quick saving and restoration of AutoMate configurations. All tasks, folder structures and system info can be backed up to a single file and restored with a few clicks. This functionality is also very useful for moving entire configurations from one system to another.
  • Streamlined User Interface
    • AutoMate 6 contains a modernized and more streamlined interface, making your AutoMate task-building and maintaining experience easier.
  • Faster Task Execution
    • New expression engine provides dramatic improvements in task-execution speed. Compared to AutoMate 5.x, some operations will execute up to 300% faster.