You can use DVD Audio Ripper to extract DVD audio and rip DVD movie soundtrack to MP3 and convert DVD to WAV with complete sound effects.

Unlike other software which requires at least two or three steps to convert DVD Audio to MP3, Acker DVD Audio Ripper and DVD movie soundtrack ripper works in one step and is 400% faster with complete sound effects.

Featuring easy operation and great speed, Acker DVD Audio Ripper will make the task of ripping and converting DVD audio to MP3/M4A/AAC/AC3/WAV/MP2/ OGG a breeze!

Main functions of "Acker DVD Audio Ripper":

* Convert DVD to MP3, Converter DVD to WAV
* Converter DVD to AAC, Converter DVD to M4A
* Converter DVD to AC3, Converter DVD to OGG


* It is very easy and simple to use;
* Sound normalization.Normalizes sound levels of DVD ;
* Output file size is adjustable, through adjusting audio quality;
* Allow you to select target subtitle or audio track;
* Provide multithreading and batch conversion;
* Full support Intel Pentinum4 Hyper-Threading Processor and Pentinum D Processor(820,830 and 840), so fast converting speed;
* Up to 4x faster than other software. Provide >400% converting speed, so fast beyond you imagination;
* Fully optimized for Dual Core, Hyper-Thread processor.
* Optimized for Processor(SSE2/SSE/MMX/3D) and Graphics Card Acceleration.