• Improved publishing and validation tools: Streamline your content publishing with powerful Feed Creator, Feed Validator, MOD Validator, and MOD Runner utilities.
  • Flexible delivery options: Deliver content in FLV (On2 VP6 codec) or MPEG-4 (H.264) video format.
  • Familiar tools and partners: Deliver your existing content and ads with minimal investment in new tools or processes. Adobe Media Player uses industry-standard file formats.
  • iTunes tags support: Repurpose your existing iTunes feeds for subscription within Adobe Media Player thanks to support for iTunes tags.
  • Tools that help drive higher revenue: Take advantage of the built-in advertising and branding tools in Adobe Media Player, including banners, in-rolls, and bugs.
  • Improved reporting and measurement of key usage data: Gather invaluable information about your audience's viewing habits. Leverage this data even more effectively with reporting and analytics improvements.
  • Integrated branding: Create a channel that coordinates smoothly with your brand using customizable interface elements and backgrounds.
  • Catalog that attracts a valuable audience: Engage and retain viewers by offering a searchable catalog of content they can add to their favorites --- which then delivers updated content to them automatically as it is released.
  • Content protection: Take advantage of multiple options for protecting your content, including encrypted streaming, identity-based licensing, and geolimiting.

Important Note:

In order to run Adobe Media Player, you have to install both Adobe Media Player and Adobe AIR.