- Skins for Internet Explorer [see image]
- Show preview images of Google/Yahoo searched pages + SiteRank (like GoogleToolbar)
- Internet Explorer context menu integration;also in Tools menu;
- Disable java scripts [statusbar,contextmenu modifiers,timers,and more];
- Run external scripts inside MSIE at runtime;
- Skip downloading files to SpeedUp browsing;
- Icon in IExplorer status bar which will indicate blocked PopUps
- Proxy switcher
- Spy Window to see what Msie does [downloads,tag names,links,childwindows names];
- Search in page or with an external search engine then Highlite searched text;With History!!
- Save from viewed pages: Flash/Images/Sounds/Scripts into sepatate folders;
- Browse from,through IExplorer opened windows;
- Custom UrlFilter to block iexplorer downloads;

What's New:

- this version comes first with a lot of critical bugfixes;
- new action on gesture manager "Show option dialog";
- framelist analyzer;open a page then select "View text" from IEtools integrated popup menu;
you will see all the frames and by clicking on list items you will be able to see the frame text;
this won't produce 100% the same text as one saved from IExplorer "Save" page,because my method acces live the DOM;
some scripts or text placed outside the <BODY> tag will be now inside the <BODY> tag due to mshtml parser which does this;anyway,this is a top rated option when you want to see runtime [ javascript ] generated html,which can't be viewed from iexplorer default "View Source";
- changed some code initialization..and I'll monitor the random crashes which are still present in this ver. :(
- playing with mshtml interfaces can easily generate memleaks;fixed two of those nasty memleaks;IExplorer won't grow up in mem now [ like before ];
- new option in IETweak page "reduce IExplorer Mem Usage";it will try to keep it under 10Mb;
- fixed OnClick link detection routine;frameset inside frameset inside..and so on...IETools couldn't detect if the user clicked on a link;
[to see the bug, if you have an older version of IETools try to drag links on this page : here ]
- this version was tested on win98&msie6,win2k&msie5,winxpSp2&msie6;