Take control of your web browser by removing unwanted data such as cookies, ActiveX programs, data from every web site you have ever visited! TweakIE, the award-winning utility allows you to clean performance robbing and privacy stealing files from your computer as well as make Internet Explorer and Outlook Express behave the way you want them to. With TweakIE, you can also backup and restore your Favorites, email and newsgroup messages, account settings and other program settings - or even use it to transfer them to another computer!

TweakIE 3.1 is compatible with Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000 and XP and with Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 5.x and 6.x

TweakIE 3.1 Overview

TweakIE's unparalleled selection of features offer you unprecedented control over Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.

With TweakIE you can cleanup your web browsing tracks, remove and/or block cookies, backup Favorites, email, accounts and program settings, re-alphabetize your Start Menu and Favorites, monitor the size of your index.date files, check your Favorites to see if they are still valid, disable the Content Advisor, and relocated the various folders that are used by Internet Explorer ... and much more!

TweakIE 3.1 Features At-a-Glance

Backup and Restore




Other Features

TweakIE's Cleanup options can be used to delete any or all of the following items:

Temporary Internet Files and History You can use IE to delete these, right? Yes, but�.IE doesn't reset the index.dat file like it's supposed to, allowing this file to grow and grow. We've seen systems with index.dat files as large as 5 megabytes! This doesn't seem like a lot, but keep this in mind: The index.dat file stores a record of every web site you've ever visited. If it's not reset every once in a while, a reasonably knowledgeable person could use it to find out where you've been on the web-even if you've deleted all your Temporary Internet Files. TweakIE will not only delete all your Temporary Internet Files, but it will also delete the index.dat file so it can be rebuilt at its default size of 32 kb. The result? Nobody, but nobody, can find out where you've been. More ...

You can delete individual cookies, or the whole lot at once. And you can use the Manage Cookies area to select individual cookies to be saved-so they won't even show up on the cleanup list. Favorites
Want to kill all your Favorites, real fast? This is the place to do it.

Typed URLs
Have you ever wanted to remove just one address from IE's address box? Like the time you bought something for your wife for her birthday, and didn't want her to guess what it was? TweakIE allows you do remove just one address, or a bunch, or all of them at once from that box.

Auto Complete Data
Seems like just about every web site you visit has some sort of form you have to fill out. It can be a real convenience to have those forms automatically populate the fields you've filled out over and over-but also a real pain if you've made a typo in one of them, and IE keeps trying to put that information in as you type. Instead of deleting all your "auto complete data," which IE allows you to do, you can pick out just the one that was done incorrectly and delete that. Or delete them all-it's up to you!

Downloaded Program Files
This is where IE stores all of the program files it downloads during your web surfing sessions. If you want to delete them all-you can!

Offline Web Pages
If you have any web pages which you've made available "offline," they might be taking up a lot of space-or you might not want certain people to know what you've been reading. You can get rid of all of them with just a couple of clicks!

Mail Messages
Have you ever needed to get rid of a whole bunch of mail, really quickly? This is the place; two clicks can delete them all. Or, you can select individual mail folders to be deleted.

News Messages
Delete all your newsgroups, or just one-your choice. This feature does the job which Outlook Express doesn't do: It completely removes the newsgroup from your system. No more dbx file!

Windows Address Book
Delete your Windows Address Book

Windows Temporary Files
Delete all those pesky files that other programs leave behind during installation.

In addition, the Cleanup option has a "secure sweep" setting which will completely delete files and make them non-recoverable. Using this option, even the most expert computer hackers cannot recover information from your hard drive.

Backup and Restore
This area makes it easy to migrate Internet Explorer and Outlook Express to a new computer. You can backup and restore all of the following items:

IE Registry Settings, including Auto Complete Data and Program Settings
Internet Account Settings
Outlook Express Identities
Mail messages
News messages
Windows Address Book
Outlook Express registry settings
Blocked Senders List
Mail and News account settings
Message Rules and Filters
Program settings
Address Book settings

Disable IE Cache
You say you want your Temporary Internet Files cleared out every time you close Internet Explorer? This feature does that-especially useful for those of us who like to web surf while on the job. :-)

Disable IE Password Caching
Sometimes it's a good thing to have your password entered automatically when you visit a web site. Other times, it can be bad. You can disable IE's "password caching" using this feature, so passwords aren't stored.

Scroll Start Menu Program List
If you have a lot of items in your Programs list on your Start menu, you might find that it's getting a bit out of hand-big enough to cover your entire desktop when you're looking for something. You can use this feature to make that list scrollable, with scroll arrows at the top and bottom, rather than spread out in multiple columns.

Show Favorites on Start Menu
Some people like 'em, some hate 'em. Either way, you can toggle your Favorites with this feature. Take them off your Start menu, or put them back on-it's up to you!

Show Full Screen Option for IE
Lots of us like to launch Internet Explorer in "full screen" mode. But IE5.x doesn't even have that as an option. Checking this box will put that option back in the list under Advanced Internet Options.

Show History on Start Menu
Hmmm�.What site was that where I saw the thingamabob? Hold on, let me launch Internet Explorer so I can open the History and find out�..If you're anything like me, you find yourself doing this often. But now you don't have to launch IE to access your History anymore. This "tweak" can put your History on your Start menu, so you can launch anything in the History from there, without opening IE first!

Show Log Off User on Start Menu
If you're the only person who uses your computer, then you probably get really tired of seeing the "log off user" option on your Start menu. Use this feature to make it disappear-forever!

Show New Message on Context Menus
Lots of things get added to the right-click menu when you install them-usually stuff you don't even want on there. If you're like me and you hate the thought of having to open Outlook Express just to compose a message, you can use this feature to add "new mail message" to that right-click menu. Just right-click on your desktop and choose "new Outlook Express mail message," and a "new message" window will open so you can type your message and send it-without ever opening OE.

Show OE Splash Screen
Do you get tired of seeing the Outlook Express "splash screen" every time you start the program? Use this option to turn it off-permanently!

Show Slide Show in OE
One of the problems with upgrading to IE and OE 5 is that Outlook Express no longer has the option to enable or disable the "slide show." Instead, OE is configured to however you had it set when you upgraded-and you can't change it. This feature will allow you to change your setting in OE. If you already had the "slide show" enabled when you upgraded, and you don't want it enabled anymore, just uncheck this box. If you didn't have it enabled but now you want it, simply check the box. There's your slide show!

Internet Explorer Window Opens Offscreen
This is a common problem among IE users: the window opens offscreen, and you can't grab it to drag it back into view. Use this feature to fix this annoying problem.

Internet Explorer limited to Two File Downloads
In order to comply with accepted Internet standards, Internet Explorer automatically limits you to downloading 2 files at a time. Two files! I don't know about you, but I routinely download 9 or 10 files at once. This feature allows you to decide how many files you can download at once.

Alphabetize Start Menu
One of the more annoying things about Windows is that the Start Menu is constantly out of order. That makes it hard to find things. TweakIE can re-alphabetize your Start Menu for you-and all the sub-menus, too!

Alphabetize Favorites
Equally as annoying is IE's inability to keep your Favorites in alphabetical order. Even the built-in feature which re-alphabetizes the Favorites will only affect the primary Favorites folder; everything in subfolders has to be re-alphabetized separately. Not anymore! TweakIE can re-alphabetize your entire Favorites folder, including subfolders, with one click.

Manage Favorites
Use this feature to check the status of your Favorites and find out if they're all still "live" links. Or, print a list of all your Favorites, including URLs.

Manage Folders
Use this feature to change the location of any of the following folders:

Temporary Internet Files
Downloaded Program Files
Windows Address Book

Manage Internet Explorer
This will allow you to disable the Content Advisor, which, we all know, has a habit of rearing its ugly head unannounced every once in a while.

Manage Cookies
Use this feature to select Cookies that you would like to save from being deleted. The Cookies you've selected will not show up on the Cookie Sweep list on the Cleanup tab.

Other Features
Cache Explorer
Using the Cache Explorer, you can view any of the files in your Temporary Internet Files folder. You can also delete or save files, and search for a specific file.

TweakIE Scheduler
Now, you can configure TweakIE to run in the background, at a time that you specify. You can have it run automatically and perform cleanup and backup routines whenever you want. Scheduler runs in your tray, and can also be accessed to enable the Cookie Sweep "on the fly."

Options and Settings
Configure TweakIE to run automatically at Windows startup or shutdown. You can also enable the Cookie Sweep, which will automatically delete all cookies that aren't on your Saved Cookies list as soon as they are set.