Incredibly Fast File Search Engine

MasterSeeker states a revolutionary standard in the world of searching files in a PC, and reaches speeds you never thought you PC can reach, by using unique technique that uses your PC optimally.

Start & Find

The combination of unbelievable speed and simplicity turns MasterSeeker into practical-than-ever software that provides an unmatched user experience and saves much valuable time.

What's New:

  • New feature: Support for exFAT file system.
  • New feature: Real time updates on NTFS drives.
  • New feature: Save/Export of search results.
  • New feature: Choose whether to clear results on blank fields.
  • Improved: Memory management.
  • Improved: Searching and sorting speed, noticable mostly on slow computers or computers with more than 1,000,000 files and folders.
  • Improved: Icons now shows in full color depth.
  • Improved: GUI refresh rate.
  • Fixed: Icons stopped loading after large amount of icons.
  • Fixed: Bugs in auto-update.
  • Fixed: Errors while reading an NTFS drive with sector size that is not 512, typically 4TB drives and above.
  • Fixed: Didn't worked with some types of RAMDisk.