Pixelitor is an open source image editor with an intuitive interface and with a special emphasis on non-destructive editing. This means that you can make changes to your images without permanently altering the original data, giving you the flexibility to experiment and try out different edits without worrying about damaging your original image.

In addition to its basic editing features, Pixelitor also offers more than 110 image filters and color adjustments and text layers. In the newest builds, there is experimental support for even more powerful nondestructive editing using adjustment layers, smart objects and smart filters.

What's New

  • New themes: flat dark, flat light, system
  • UI font type and size in Preferences
  • Support reading WebP files (without ImageMagick)
  • New filters: Abstract Lights, Tile Seamless, Rose, Concentric Shapes, Border Mask
  • Blinds, Checkerboard, Goo and Shapes Grid as separate transition filters
  • Improved filters: Photo Collage, Spheres
  • Snapping to pixel boundaries
  • Layer isolation
  • Crop to content
  • Adjustment layers, layer groups (experimental)
  • Color fill and gradient fill layers are no longer experimental
  • Many smart object improvements (still experimental)
  • Minor bugfixes and UI improvements