As of 2.2.1, it has more than 80 image filters and color adjustments, some of which are unique to Pixelitor. Some of the gradients can also be found only here.

Note that Pixelitor is intended to be powerful rather than simple. You should have some experience with image editors in order to use it, because there isn't much documentation available yet, and many concepts (layers, blending modes, Gaussian blurring, unsharp masking, histograms, etc.) are the same.

What's New:

  • Contributions by Łukasz Kurzaj:
    • "Layer Auto Selection" checkbox in the Move Tool
    • Styles and colors for the guides (in the Preferences)
  • Transform mode in the Pen Tool
  • Rotating and resizing shapes in the Shapes Tool
  • "Delete Cropped Pixels" checkbox in the Crop Tool
  • In the Crop Tool, the initial Alt-dragging creates the rectangle from the center
  • File/View Metadata (using the metadata-extractor library)
  • Right-click popup menus on tabs
  • Many bugfixes and UI improvements