Automatic call center which allows to make a large number of supervised or not supervised outbound telemarketing calls, this program is specifically designed for:

  • Small businesses conducting surveys
  • Church and community announcements
  • Telemarketers and sales leads
  • Fund raising
  • Political campaigning
  • Engineers testing remote equipment


  • Consecutively dials numbers from a phone list;
  • Automatically plays prerecorded message (wave file) to the phone line or:
  • Manually plays the message clicked on the Play List
  • Extended phone list allows to:
  • Selecting the different message (wave file) for the each entry
  • Time scheduling each call when answering machine is detected then playing the message will start after the beep; can read printed words (text file) to the phone line; records phone conversation to wave file;
  • Fully customizable: by using the script user has the ability to:
  • Play a different message depending on the key pressed by receiving end
  • Record the keystrokes as a response to the played message.
  • Automatic or manual disconnection; built-in timer: starts and stops dialing at the scheduled time. automated dialing from command prompt; multi line capability: user selectable phone lines; busy numbers are redialed or moved to the end of queue; multiple profiles: each profile contains a phone list and .wav file to be played over the phone; data record keeping: logs are automatically removed after specified period of time. data record keeping
  • Logs are automatically removed after specified period of time