What's New:

- Bug Fixes
- X64 Linux support
- API support (X32 & X64)
- Ubuntu9.04/9.10 support (X32 & X64)
- OGL3.1 support (X32 & X64)


52470 Can not run Viewperf8.
48163 All ap hang after rotate by xrandr.
46044 Error message appears when make ALSA driver.
46087 There are some unavailable refresh rate in Screen Resolution window
52503 Alsa audio can not be patched
52480 No video on IGA2 when play clip by va/xv mode under Xinerama
52403 The video image total corruption on the CRT when play clip/DVD title with -vo xv under CRT+DVI DuoView
50893 Clip full screen is not in the center of the screen under SAMM mode
51678 Vsync has no effect
50813 App hang when disable desktop effect
50784 Screen total corruption after switching between console and X window mode several times.
49939 StartX Failed.
49361 Nexuiz_251: Crash when run bench1.
48472 The desktop shift and the cursor lost focus when rotate under DuoView/SAMM.
50283 No effect when running xrandr reflect X or Y
46221 Can't set HDMI mode to 1920x1080
44693 Video flicker when playing with ogl samples
50727 App hang when disable desktop effect
49456 Can not enable SAMM mode by using xorg.conf.samm file.
49395 System hang when play clip by Totem Movie player after building HDMI audio.
48778 Screen saver will cause SAMM become to Duoview.
47542 The video image total corruption on the HDMI screen when play clip/DVD title with HW under CRT+HDMI DuoView
51684 Video playback show mosic corruption when play some MPEG-4 clips with Mplayer.
52711 Mouse not reflect when only reflect CRT under CRT+DVI Duoview
49546 Cursor will disappear for a while if change screen resolution.
48823 Only IGA1 light when resume frome S3 under Duoview or SAMM mode
48774 Text corruption when press Up key in Text mode
51643 Artifact when playing clip with mplayer va mode
50284 No effect on cursor when rotate by xrandr