The OCZ Dominatrix mouse is built with the demanding requirements of gamers in mind with a solid design, maximum functionality, and programmable customization unique to each user.

Dominatrix users can fine-tune the weight and balance of their mouse up to 40g for ultimate control. With multiple dpi settings of 2000/1600/800/400, independently adjust both X & Y axes for a combined maximum of 3200 dpi for lightning fast responsiveness and fluid gameplay. High speed USB 2.0 delivers a poll rate up to 500Hz and bi-directional connection for breakneck acceleration and control in any first-person shooter.

The Dominatrix features two programmable buttons with three different modes each for game settings and internet navigation to make the mouse your own secret weapon. The included software allows gamers to record, read, and edit unlimited scripts of complex keyboard and mouse commands, while the built-in memory allows you to save your mouse settings onboard, useful when switching computers. Featuring a special 4-way scrolling wheel-tilt button, the Dominatrix allows you to move either side to side or up and down without ever moving the mouse.

The Dominatrix sports a large, ergonomic, and stylish design with a comfortable, no-slip rubber grip. Whether you plug and play or decide to program the software with your unique specifications, the Dominatrix is ready to take on your next battle right out of the box. Each OCZ Dominatrix mouse is backed by a 3-year warranty and unbeatable technical support so you can always be on top of your game.