The next generation Sound Blaster card - the Sound Blaster Recon3D - is powered by Sound Core3D and heralds a new age in 3D gaming audio and online voice communication. Hardware-accelerated SBX Pro Studio audio technologies deliver unsurpassed audio playback quality, while the innovative CrystalVoice™ processing lets you communicate with crystal clear vocal fidelity in your multiplayer games, online chats and video conferencing.

Engineered for low power consumption and high performance, the Sound Core3D processor is Creative's first sound and voice processor to integrate a quad-core high-performance digital signal processor (DSP) and high-quality converters onto a single chip.

  • Sound Core3D quad-core audio processorPowered by Sound Core3D quad-core audio processorThe revolutionary Sound Core3D Audio and Voice chipset accelerates SBX Pro Studio and CrystalVoice processing effects, drastically improving your gaming experience with faster frame rates, more immersive gaming audio, and crystal clear voice communications.
  • StudioSBX Pro Studio technologiesSBX Pro Studio sound technologies create unprecedented levels of audio realism, including stunning 3D surround effects for your speakers and headsets.
  • CrystalVoiceCrystalVoice voice enhancement and clarity technology. Express yourself and be heard clearly in video conferencing, multiplayer games and online chats.Understand how CrystalVoice technologies work.
  • Dolby Digital LiveDolby Digital Live encodingDolby Digital Live encoding allows you to connect to your decoder or home theatre system through a single TOSlink for compelling 5.1 surround sound.
  • Dedicated headphone amplifierDedicated high quality headphone amplifierSupports studio quality headphones and headsets of up to 600 ohm impedance.
  • Scout ModeScout Mode - Hear them before they hear you.This proprietary technology allows you to hear your enemies from further away, giving you a distinct tactical advantage in combat.
  • Windows 8 CompatibleWorks with Windows 8We have updated audio drivers that will allow you to enjoy the ultimate in Sound Blaster performance in Windows 8.